Kanazawa City and the French Para sports Federation signed a convention!

French Parasports Federation Swimming Director Sami EL GUEDDARI (representative for President Guislaine WESTELYNCK) and Coach Guillaume DOMINGO, visited the Kanazawa City Hall on February 18th, to sign a convention with Mayor Yukiyoshi YAMANO for the French para-swimming team to hold their 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games training camps in Kanazawa City!

It is the first time the City signs an agreement with parasports.

As of December last year, Kanazawa is registered as an “Inclusive Society Host Town”. This Host Town initiative is led by the Cabinet Secretariat, and aims at welcoming Paralympians, thus speeding up inclusive society initiatives in all regions, and maintain a strong bond after the Paralympics.

This time’s registration has added 28 local collectivities/territories to the list, which comes to a total of 65. For the Hokuriku region it is the second registration, following Komatsu’s registration in October.

We are all hoping that this agreement will help develop barrier free initiatives, universal design and will help bring up awareness for disabled people.

(Visiting the Kanazawa Pool)

After a thorough visit of the Pool, the evaluation was “Parfait!” (French for “perfect”)!