Hi everyone !

Today we are sharing our second video in the gastronomy series ! Following sushi, we present you : Kanazawa Curry !

When told "curry" most of you probably think of Indian curry, but did you know that in Kanazawa there is a specific branch of the Japanese curry ? !

Mathilde, our international relations officer, went to the first Go Go Curry restaurant, which is a member of the Kanazawa Curry Association, to give you an insight on the dish, so please check out the video !
It's a dish we highly recommend you try next time you come to Kanazawa !

* this video will make you hungry, DO NOT watch at night LOL

To all French athletes, we can only imagine most of your plans have fallen out due to the pandemic, but please don't give up !!!
We're sending you all our support from Kanazawa ! Allez les Bleu.e.s (Go France) !!!