Kanazawa City and the French Weightlifting Federation signed a convention!

French Weightlifting Federation President, Jean-Paul BULGARIDHES, visited the Kanazawa City Hall on May 15th, to sign a convention with Mayor Yukiyoshi YAMANO for the French weightlifting team to hold their 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games training camps in Kanazawa City!






In the convention were the following points:

1/ Hold the Tokyo 2020 Games’ training camp in Kanazawa.

2/ Have training camps for young French weightlifting athletes in Kanazawa until the Tokyo 2020 Games.

3/ During the training camps, hold human, economic, sport-related and cultural exchanges with the citizens of Kanazawa. Also, continue exchanges after the training camps.

4/ Both parties are to be good partners regarding the training camps.


This is the 2nd convention to receive French athletes after the convention that was signed with the Swimming Federation.


Kanazawa City has a strong bond with weightlifting, as shown by the City hosting the annual Inter-High Weightlifting Championship, so we are looking forward to the French athletes’ training in the Municipal General Gymnasium.