We held an explanatory meeting for Host Town volunteers !

We held explanatory meetings on June 14th and 15th for Host Town volunteers that will help during French teams’ July training camp.

We invited a lecturer from the Institut Francais (French government’s cultural institution) to talk about “Knowing France and communicating with French people”, and had a lecture from the Hokuriku branch of Coca-Cola about “heatstroke and how to avoid it”.

We had more than 50 volunteers taking part in the training session both days, and learned about France’s history and learned some easy French that could be used during the training camps. Personally, I learned that French people have a tendency to ask for things even knowing it might not be doable and that they clearly refuse doing something if they think it is not possible, that they will not be hurt if we tell them that this or that is not possible either.

The volunteers asked a lot of questions, giving more momentum towards the training camps! The training camps will be open to the public, so please come watch the training sessions and support French teams!