Report on the 2019 French training camps - Diving

The French Diving team came to train in Kanazawa Pool before taking part in the World Aquatics Championships taking place in Korea!

We were very impressed to see up close the technical moves of the top athletes, such as Benjamin Auffret who was 4th in the Rio Olympics! The 10 m platform really is very high, and to us, jumping from 10 meters high while twirling needs a lot of courage! 

The sound and the very tiny splash that make a good landing are really cool! 

Kanazawa has a long history with diving thanks to Shuzo Nakada who trained 7 Olympians in Kanazawa, and in honor of whom the annual “Shuzo Nakada Cup” is held since 2018. Through this training camp, young local divers exchanged with international top athletes, which will undoubtedly motivate them. We are looking forward to new diving Olympians in Kanazawa!!

During breaks, the athletes discovered Japanese culture through tea ceremony and shamisen, the traditional Japanese 3 cord instrument, and they said they looked forward to coming to Kanazawa next year!

We hope they’ll have good results in the World Aquatics Championships!