Report on the 2019 French training camps - Swimming

19 French swimmers and coaches came to Kanazawa for a training camp to prepare the World Aquatics Championships!

Long arms and legs and bulk are unmistakably a swimmer’s body. Taking part in the training camp were bronze medalists in the Rio Olympics 400m relay, and top athletes, which made for a very intense training camp from A to Z. Local swimming association made a French flag out of origami cranes to pray for a fruitful World Aquatics Championship.










In between training sessions, the athletes enjoyed a walk in Higashiyama dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, went to see a university-level sumo competition in Utatsuyama, and strolled in Kenrokuen garden. In off-mode everyone was very relaxed, and it will surely be a memory that will stay with them!





We hope for good results in the World Aquatics Championships! Go Japan! Go France!